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The  Thief of Worlds

The Thief of Worlds


What happens when the wind stops?The air grows hot and still and hard to breathe.Hospitals fill with patients.The world begins to panic.What happens when the wind stops?For Hurricane, this global disaster strikes at his core; but he must recover the magical horn that will fix everything. Can magic be real? And how can it finding the horn rest on Hurricane's twelve-year-old shoulders?This classic epic fantasy from beloved author Bruce Coville will enthrall readers while it reminds them of the magic that lies in friendship and that friendship just might have the power to save the world.For Hurricane, this global disaster strikes at his core. He got his name because he was born during a hurricane, and he has always felt a strangely intense connection to the wind. And now his mother is one of the sick people in the hospital. But what can he do? He's just a kid.When all this turns out to be TRUE, Hurricane embarks on the adventure of his life: a journey to different worlds, where he will make friends unlike any people he has ever known. He will discover courage, strength, humor, and an ability to bring people together.

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Random House Childrens Books


Apr 27, 2021





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Children's - Grade 4-6, Age 9-11